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Project #6: A Versatile battery charge for EV's and other applications



Versatile Universal Battery Charger

Modern high performance batteries require complex chargers that can individually control the charging of a string of batteries with each cell charged to its own profile – voltage and current versus time – and a cell balancing to complete the charging process. In this project a new charger based on new technology is introduced which can charge several single cell batteries and equalize the charge on all of them at the same time. Thus for example the charger could charge 100 lithium ion cells to a final charge of 4.1 Volts (the maximum allowed is 4.2) for a total voltage in a single string of 410V or in a double string or 205 V or any other combination as required, and at the same time it could charge some super-capacitors and or lead acid batteries to whatever voltages were needed. Subject to voltage and current limits the charger can charge any battery to whatever voltage was required – for the same 100 cells it could charge a combination battery of 10 cells in series 10 in parallel for a 41 V battery at a current rating of 40A. Such a battery would be completely universal in its application. The project would include computer simulations and real pads operating under real conditions.


The Researchoutput is a battery charger that can charge any series and or parallel string of cells quickly while meeting the manufactuters'specifications for all of the individual cells.  Cells with a voltage rating of 1.5 volts will be charged to 1.5 volts and higher rated calls will be charged to their higher rating all at the same time - the finishing times for each cell will vary to meet the conditions.


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