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Project #12: Collaborative Lo-Fi Game Design Tool



Game design typically begins with low-fidelity prototyping of the game world, characters, objects, interactions, levels etc. Game development teams typically brainstorm and perform lo-fi prototyping collaboratively using pen and paper or whiteboard. Tools such as Balsamiq and Pencil as also used but these platforms typically allow for single user input at a time while lo-fi prototyping is a team-based effort. Your own experiences of game design in softeng306 will remind you that current tools leave a lot to be desired when it comes to supporting a truly collaborative design experience.

This project involves developing a lo-fi prototyping tool for game design using the Microsoft Surface Hub. Harnessing its multi-touch and large-screen features, the tool can be used by game designers/developers to collaboratively prototype their game designs. We will follow user-centred design (UCD) and elements of agile software development in this project. This means collaborating with some of your peers (who would have done lo-fi prototyping for games in SE306 last year) to elicit requirements and feedback at various stages of the project and conduct usability and efficacy evaluation of the final prototype. I may be able to invite game designers/educators from downtown to provide feedback at some stage.

A successful part 4 project last year developed a collaborative lo-fi prototyping tool (ProtoCol) for web application design. While still using the MS Surface Hub, this project focuses on developing a collaborative prototyping tool to support game design, a completely different ball game!

ProtoCol (last year's project) video:
Dev Tools:


A usable and useful collaborative lo-fi prototyping tool/app to support game design on the MS Surface Hub


A positive and proactive attitude to learning, focus on user needs, excellent teamwork, and a disciplined approach to project completion. 






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