The University of Auckland

Project #21: Sleep Mat-e: Electronic Sleep Mat



The population of New Zealand is aging. The elderly’s share of New Zealand population has risen significantly in the past few years. The elderly people suffer from a decline in physical and cognitive skill which prevents them from living independently and requires monitoring which is not only challenging but expensive as well. Furthermore, changes in sleep pattern can give rise to other sleep-related health problems and can be a significant source of stress for the person as well as the family members. This motivates the need for a system which not only monitors the person remotely to ease the challenge of monitoring for caregiver but also keeps a diary of sleeping activities and makes predictions about health-related risks.  

This project aims at developing a monitoring system for elderly people forced to live in hospice that keeps a record of sleeping postures and patterns to improve their security and quality of the life. The data related to sleeping activity is collected through the sensors, transmitted wirelessly and stored in a database for further analysis. The data collected will provide healthcare professionals with more insight of the person’s life and make predictions about health-related risks by using machine learning. An Android application (may target a smartphone or smartwatch) will be used to alert the caregivers and healthcare professionals if any anomaly is detected or predicted.



Familiarity with microcontrollers. C programming and mobile applications development






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