The University of Auckland

Project #25: Git Good - A Gamified Learning Experience for Teaching Distributed Version Control



Being able to use a version control system (VCS) is an essential skill in current industry, with many organisations utilising git. Furthermore, there is a lack of formal teaching of git specifically, as well as best practices for using version control and the theory of how modern, distributed VCSs actually work. The aim of this project is to create a gamified learning experience for developing skills with distributed version control systems, specifically git. A gamified learning experience is ideal for filling this gap as it will target the audience that needs the skills most: students.

The game will integrate teaching of git principles, concepts and actual git commands with the natural flow of the game. The game will incentivize the player to learn about version control and teach it in an enjoyable manner. Additionally, a game allows the player to learn at their own pace and repeat lessons easily. The best way to learn about version control is to actually use it, and this game will provide a safe environment in which to do so.


This project will have the following outputs:
1) A gamified software application for teaching VCS
2) Research and evaluation of the effectiveness of a gamified learning experience for version control systems, compared to traditional methods








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