The University of Auckland

Project #30: Smart Phone based Virtual Fitness Trainer



Wearable technology has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, which gathers useful information on the health and exercise patterns of their wearers. Currently, common fitness wearables provide real-time statistics as well as a history of exercising metrics. There are applications that analyse this collected data and reports back to the uses on their achievements. However, most existing applications only perform as health monitors rather than as a training advisor who actively improves the physical status of the user, such as the roles of a fitness trainer. This project aims at providing an artificial intelligence solution backed by research in exercise physiology to the wealth of information collected by modern wearable devices. The outcome will be an "AI Personal Trainer" that provides the user with both real-time and long-term training advice, such as exercise plans and running routes intelligently tailored to the individual using their unique exercise metrics.


Research Components:
1) Research and understand drawbacks of current exercise applications that use wearable devices to develop a better application experience.
2) Investigate AI/Machine Learning techniques that can utilise research in exercise physiology to provide exercise plans, routes, and real-time training advice much like a personal coach.
Develop a mobile and Internet based software application that realises the proposed solution.








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