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Project #31: Piano Learning VR/Tool



Learning piano is a tedious process, especially for young children who have a short attention span, however, the same group of people have expressed enthusiasm for music games like Guitar Hero, which vastly reduced the difficulty of 'playing' a piece of music. We are aimed to bridge this gap between learning a real instrument and playing a music game. Making learning piano a fun, enjoyable and rewarding process. The goal of this project is to provide a piano learning tool (potentially with Machine learning for sheet music/midi auto-recommendations) that you can have a similar interface to Synthesia(Software). But can interfaced with a real piano/MIDI keyboard with some LEDs that falls down so you know the next notes to play. The same effect can maybe also achieved by using a projector. This tool would be made cross-platform and able to adapt to different projectors and allow a range of speed/difficulty. At this stage, we are planning to use VR technologies to build a virtual keyboard together with accurate 3D tracking gloves to provide realism, as the notes fall down in the VR environment, the user would tap on the corresponding key. As an fall back in case we don't get the VR technologies due to manufacture/finance issues, we would like to use a projector to interface with the user together with the MIDI input, we would like to focus more on the education/machine learning issue if VR is not an option.


Analysis of the current state-of-the-art and shortcoming of existing AR piano teaching tools
Development of an AR piano training tool overcoming shortcomigs of existing solutions, e.g. overcoming lack of intrinsic motivation (e.g. by using gamification concepts) and/or make the application more adaptive by using ML.
Evaluation of the proposed application (e..g. usability study - demonstrating learning effects is probably outside the scope of this research due to time and resource constraints)








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