The University of Auckland

Project #74: Voices of New Zealand: A cloud-based speech recording system



New Zealand is a multi-cultural country, there are now multiple language being spoken in the country, and multiple varieties of English. Even New Zealand English has its variations. But up to now there is no possible way to get a snap shot of the voices of New Zealand. The project aims to create a cloud-based tool which will enable speech to be collected and archived without the researchers having to travel to the participants. The system will have three main interfaces 1. The interface for participants recording and uploading their speech will be a smart device app 2. The interface for administrator who curates the overall collection will be web-based, and 3. The interface for the general public who will be able to click on pins on a map of New Zealand hear the speech from that area will be both for smart devices and general P.C.s. The project will require skills in HCI, as the three different users have quite different interface needs. There is an earlier web-based version of the system, without the third interface (the interactive map), that can be either built from, or used as inspiration for the next version. The project will also require skills in security, as uploading speech into the cloud creates security challenges.


A cloud-based app which enables people to up load recordings up to the cloud, and the general public to hear the many variations of the voice in New Zealand.


HCI, databases, networks.






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