The University of Auckland

Project #75: Investigation of efficient secondary controllers for IPT systems



Inductive power transfer systems can have different tuning topologies (series/parallel), but each one requires a different DC/DC converter in order to regulate the output power. Existing controllers at the University of Auckland are all built to be boost types which are compatible with parallel tuned secondary pads. Having only one type of controller limits the pads which can be built and tested. A different topology is required to be compatible with series, or perhaps both series and parallel tuned secondary pads. This would allow for greater flexibility in the magnetic designs and the ability to make comparisons between different electronic topologies.


The research goal of this project is to investigate different electronic topologies which can regulate series or series-parallel tuned secondary pads. There needs to be an investigation into how a series tuned magnetic pad operates under high voltage conditions which is dangerous if unaccounted for. The final design will need to be built and validated with an output power of 1 kW operating at 300V/3.3A.


one student enrolled in final year power electronics Electeng 734






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