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Project #110: Business Card App



After meeting new people, one tends to add their business card to your pile at home – an outdated technique that often leads to a pile of mess, as well as losing some here and there. Through this app, our mission is to revolutionize the business card transaction process and make post-networking relationship management easier.

Primary Feature to Implement:
A form of tap (NFC), QR scanning, OCR and/or beacon technology to allow people to exchange an e-format of their business card. From there the app will have a convenient database that allows you to search, sort, and manage for past business cards.

Secondary Features to Prioritize/Consider:
- the ability to log conversations you’ve had with that connection, thus never forgetting a single conversational exchange with the person.
- the ability to add other personal information regarding the person, and thus gathering more relatable and personal information about them.
- analytics such as which type of people you are most connected to, which connections you have not been in contact with for a while, etc.
- connection to LinkedIn profile.
- online and offline features.
- the ability to easily manage their connections.

Through this application, we aim to give users better insights and convenience into how to manage their connections and assist users to further expand their network in a secure and simple manner. By removing the difficulty of business cards, users can focus on the most important part: people.

Research questions:
What are users' key needs regarding management of business cards and contacts?
How can we design and develop an app to meet users' key needs around business cards and contacts?










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