The University of Auckland

Project #120: A Wireless Interface with Combined Contactless Power and Data Transfer



Capacitive Power Transfer (CPT) based on electric field coupling has recently emerged as an alternative Wireless Power Transfer (WPT technology. In some industrial, biomedical, and consumer electronics applications, CPT is advantageous over Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) as it has the ability to transfer power across metal barriers, and potentially reduces the system size and cost, as well as EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). In addition, it is easier to use CPT for wireless data transfer using a shared transmission interface.

The aim of this project is to develop a prototype CPT system which can charge a battery wirelessly, and at the same time utilises the same contactless interface to transmit battery status information back to the primary source. The project involves proposal and design of the combined wires power and communications circuits, system simulation, as well as practical building, testing, and evaluation.


A working wireless/contactless battery charging system with combined wireless charging and state-of-charge data feedback capabilities.


At least one prospective student of the project group must be enrolled in the Power Electronics course (ELECTENG 734).






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