The University of Auckland

Project #35: Design and testing of Ferrite-less IPT pads for in-motion charging of EVs



The concept of transferring power wirelessly to an electric vehicle has been under development for many years with Auckland University at the forefront of these efforts globally. Recent research efforts have focused on robust designs of pads that can be placed within a road. To date PhD research has considered DD pads with ferrite. This project intends to look at other similar DD pad design options that have been proposed in the literature that are either ferrite-less or have only a limited amount of ferrite. However the focus will be on various ferrite-less designs and to select the best option for a complete analysis. The chosen pad design will be investigated in terms of its thermal and mechanical stress simulations. The approach to these simulations will follow the same approach taken for the full ferrite Double D pads which have been evaluated at ¼ and ½ scale.  Selected pads will be built for experimental analysis, allowing a comparison and evaluation of the results.

Tasks to undertake:

●        Design of magnetic components using a CAD software, such as Solidworks

●        Simulation of the magnetic components in ANSYS Maxwell

●        Integrating the simulation models with other simulation packages for thermal and mechanical analysis

●        Validation of simulation model to a scaled prototype


-       Reasonable thermal & mechanical stress simulation results for a Double D pad without ferrite

-       Development of a functional prototype

-       Simulation of the proposed solution

-       Optimisation of the proposed solution

-       Validation of simulation results


At least one student should be enrolled in ELECTENG734 (Power Electronics)







Lab allocations have not been finalised