The University of Auckland

Project #42: Automated course advice system for Masters of Information Technology students



The Auckland ICT Graduate School (part of the University's School of Computer Science) currently offers a Masters in Information Technology degree. This is a taught Masters consisting of papers from multiple faculties / departments, including computer science, business, software engineering, maths, and medical & health sciences. The standard configuration of the degree has students take two semesters of taught courses, and then an industry internship in their third semester.

For their 120 points of taught papers, students may choose from a wide variety of courses, based on their prior study, personal interests, desired career path, and certain other considerations (e.g. a mix of technical and "soft-skills" papers is required). As such, each student receives personalized course advice from one of the ICTGS academic staff. This is currently time consuming and repetitive, and as such we would like to investigate the use of a software tool to partially or fully automate this process.

There are several areas where we would like to investigate automation, including:

Your tasks for this project will be to research possible ways in which such tasks can be automated, and to implement and test a prototype course advice system.


The successful project will produce a prototype web application for offering course advice to our Masters of Information Technology students. The prototype will consist of:









Lab allocations have not been finalised