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Project #62: Distribution PMU Data Streaming and Compression for Distribution System Operators



Deep and accelerated electrification to enable exponential decarbonisation, including charging up the transportation fleet and transitioning process heat away from conventional fuels, has begun earnestly in response to climate change mitigation and adaptation measures globally. New Zealand estimates doubling of its electrical energy usage from the current 40 terawatt hours (TWh) per annum, of which 85% is sustainably produced, to about 90 TWh by 2050.  The public policy around this has been recently legislated in NZ  (

Sustainable energy technologies are generally spatially distributed and intermittent, with real-time
outputs affected by the environment, challenging secure network delivery and limiting the proportion of renewables that can be integrated into existing grid operation.

The aim of this project is to develop Kiwi Prosumer Button: Realtime Public NZ Energy, Mobility, Low carbon Transactive Platform.  This in future should be potentially collect real-time analysis of large quantities of time tagged, geospatially based, temporal, and near real-time data from the electricity infrastructure. Data is to be collected at different levels of the electric power systems, such as households, businesses and industry, through to large scale generation and transmission systems.

In the US, has been developed using utility data.  This project aims to develop using open-source data from NZ consumers and publically available data-stream.




Ideally one student be enrolled in ELECTENG 731: Power systems in the first semester.







Lab allocations have not been finalised