The University of Auckland

Project #67: VisualizeNZ



Recent years have seen an explosion of available data about New Zealand, ranging from geographic data and population data, to climate data and economic data. Unfortunately this has it also made more difficult to comprehend the data and see relationships between variables. While data science technologies such as machine learning can help to discover interesting properties and relationships in large amount of data, the results are often difficult to communicate to non-experts. Visual representations can help audiences to comprehend complex data and “make sense out of it”.

This project aims to create a platform, which will allow users to visually analyse a large range of publically available data about New Zealand. Challenges includes finding suitable representations including  both structured and unstructured data, dealing with the size of data sets (e.g. using multi-resolution representations), and suitable visual representations which allow combination of multiple variables, as well as suitable interaction techniques with the data. In particular the application should have interfaces both for desktop use as well as VR use (using head-mounted displays).


- Investigation of available and useful data sources

- Technology evaluation

- Designing suitable data representations and transformations

- Designing suitable visual representations

- Designing suitable interaction mechanisms (both for desktop and VR use)

- Evaluation of the application


Good mathematics skills are recommended







Lab allocations have not been finalised