The University of Auckland

Project #85: BetterMe --- an Intelligent Digital Companion for Smartphone



It is a general consensus that at the end of the day, the net user experience of a cell phone can be negative. What if with a single app we could not only make the experience net positive but also help an individual know themselves to unprecedented levels?

This project aims at developing a smartphone application, BetterMe, that can help the user to be a better version of himself/herself. Different from existing goal tracking apps, BetterMe listens to the user, understands the user and conducts regular conversations with care and reflections. 

Research Objectives. 1) Prototype the coaching process and profile a user so that the coaching can be customized to the user's behavioral style and background. 2) Evaluate the quality of a conversation and improve the prototyped coaching process. 

This would suit you if in addition to doing novel work in an exciting area towards your qualification you also

- Get to work with a successful serial tech-entrepreneur

- Learn skills that will make you sought after in the industry, and help you stand out from your peers

- Develop technology that has been designed to empower people and enhance real connection - (online and offline)

- Work in a fun collaborative way where great ideas are respected and expected from everyone.




The development of an interactive app on IOS that can carry out the conversation described above in a clean and concise interface.











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