The University of Auckland

Project #90: Low-cost Wireless Network for Monitoring Presence of Wireless Devices



Wireless devices have become commodity in various kinds of applications such as smart phones and watches, autonomous vehicles, tags for asset monitoring etc. These devices and their carriers enter, move in and exit certain spaces and crowed the space saturating it RF signals. Monitoring the space, tracking the devices and evaluating performance of wireless communications is the objective of this project. Creation of resilient low-cost monitoring network capable for detecting and identifying objects in its range will be first achieved by monitoring devices with certain standard wireless connectivity and expand to a wider range of those standards. The monitoring network will use Wi-Fi as its primary communication standard and be able to detect devices with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. An experimental network that covers part of Engineering building will be used as the testbed. The network will be based on proprietary protocol to enable reliable transfer of information between its nodes in mesh type topology and exchange of information with the edge computer(s) places at certain locations. The data collected by the network will be transferred and recorded as a stream (time series) that can be processed in real-time or in batch type processing.


A protocol for creation of monitoring network with resilient behaviour based on mesh topology 

Algorithms for recognition of devices with standard wireless network in the range of monitoring network

Localisation of devices and their tracking

Creation of datasets for big data analytics


Ebbedded systems design, microprocessing, programming in C and Java (at least one team member)







Lab allocations have not been finalised